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Even though this doesn't pertain to Disney at all, and I've been back at school for about a month, I just thought I'd let anyone know that my cat, Lily, is alive and safe back home.
To everyone still out there:

Home with bad news that doesn't pertain to Disney.

It turns out that my baby cat, the littlest, Lily, has been missing since the day before Thanksgiving.

I've handed out flyers, but I just feel like it's too late. I doubt that she's gone, I just have a feeling that someone else has taken her in. I just hope that they'll get a flyer and be kind enough to return my baby home.

If she has passed on, though, I know that like dogs, all cats go to Heaven.

I'll miss you, Lily.
I can't wait for my shift to be over tomorrow. Not because I want to leave, but because I can finally rid myself of the worrying, like, "Oh what if I don't turn in such and such? Will I get charged? Etc etc?"

It'll be nice to just take it all off and breathe. Concentrate on getting home.

I don't know whether I'll be crying a lot tomorrow or not.

One of my co-workers, Beth, gave me such a sweet good-bye card. It was so nice of her!!

And so my mother doesn't get angry, pictures.

PicturesCollapse )

COMING SOON: Photos and comments on meeting Tinkerbell, Iridessa, and Fawn! (Was late to work because of the wait, but it was worth it!)
I forgot about transportation to the airport. *shakes a fist* Blasted taxis... gonna suck out all my money...
So, my schedule for leaving successfully. Let's see if I actually follow it, HA.

[x] Turn in costumes except for those necessary for the week
[ ] Fill suitcase with clothes
[ ] Fill at least one box

[ ] Clear out trash
[ ] Pack at least one more box
[ ] Work from 5:30-12:15

[ ] Finish packing
[ ] Take boxes to UPS/Post office and mail them


[ ] Work from 4:45-1:30

[ ] Work from 3:45-11:15
[ ] Turn in rest of uniforms

[ ] Pack linens
[ ] Catch a taxi and go to the airport
Well, funny thing about the last post is... I -am- going home. It's more for financial stuff, settling insurance stuff, and for getting ready for school.

Seeing my family is an added bonus, of course.

My last day of work is the 6th of December, so I have some time for closure and, of course, packing.

I'll miss all the people I've met up here... if I have enough money (lol BROKE due to sick days) I plan on getting a little contact book for everyone I've met up here. <3

So my last day is on the 6th, then I relax on the seventh in a Disney resort (not sure which one yet), then on the 8th I catch a 12 PM plane and land at 2 PM. I can't wait to see my mom again!!
So, today is officially the 'Let's Anger at Stephanie' Day.

As some of you know, I had to go to CentraCare really early today, and my phone is dead. So I asked an apartmentmate if I could take my phone with me, and in her half-asleep state she said yes. So, a few minutes ago she looks peeved and said that she meant to make a phone call. And then she said some other stuff but I couldn't hear her due to my ear infections. X_X; I apologized, but I couldn't really hear her so it was all awkward. And then my roommate came out and said something about me waking her up-- but I couldn't hear that either! D8 I'll just have to be uber-paranoid about being quiet or something. The two of us have a weird relationship. It's like... we're nice on the surface, but we really get under each other's skin. =/ This is why I live in a single at college. Roommates and I never work out.

This has just been a really shitty coupla days, weeks, months, etc. I'm really tempted to use this ear infection as an excuse to go home with a re-hire status. I just feel like I'd be letting down my family if I did that. Sigh.
Just gotta get through today, then I have two days off.

My right ear hurts... I guess the ear infection travelled. I sure hope that it isn't immune to the ear drops. ._.

Sorry I don't have any photos. I've just been so busy...

Ahh, saw a video on YouTube for a computer game that I played all the time as a kid. Heh, it was a sequel to the movie "The Pagemaster". So weird seeing all these books now-- books that I've actually read now. I'm proud of the fact that they made Frankenstein's Monster very intelligent. That's something that the media usually screws up.

I almost cried when I visited the Imagination Pavilion a few weeks ago at EPCOT. Isn't it sad? I was talking about the Dreamfinder with a couple of workers there, and... I guess just the memories made me sad. There are so many rumors about the ride being changed again. I hope it's true.

Sorry for another weird entry. Nostalgia.
WHY is it so cold in FLORIDA?! I was out at EPCOT last night and totally got sick again from it. Argh.

Well, here's some pictures from my EPCOT adventures. Some recent and some not-so-recent.

My favorite thing at the Food and Wine Festival: Sparkling Pomegranite Kir. Basically it's sparkling kir (whatever that is) with pomegranite liquor. I like it because it's really sweet and tastes almost like a fruit drink. It's a little too sweet for escargot, though.

By the way, screw your courage to the sticking point and TRY THE ESCARGOT! I swear the way they cook it it's basically... garlicy buttery bread with something yummy inside. You get little bread bowls with a little thingy on top and inside it just looks like spinach. It's DELICIOUS. <3
Here's a photo someone posted on Photobucket.Collapse )
I also recommend the Italian cream puffs. It's just a puff filled with marscapone cheese. You know, the cheese in tiramisu? SO yummy.
Oh, and raspberry sake tastes like you're drinking a raspberry. It's really good.
The Rosa wine at New York isn't very good. I like sweet stuff, but that just... it tastes like cough syrup. Blech.

And isn't it weird that Dory, Mr. Ray, and Marlin have autographs?Collapse )